Events 2023 – 2024

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Jasim of grade 8 has participated in the cbse cluster swimming competition and has won 4 gold medals under 14 categories and has got the overall championship. He has now been selected for the cbse national level swimming competition. Congratulations jasim for an astounding victory.
Vels took an initiative for Golu Navratri,which is an intrinsic part of the Navratri celebrations.The arrangement of Navratri Golu dolls is designed to reiterate the spirit of good winning over evil
Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations
The festival of Janmashtami and Teachers Day were celebrated in VELS VIDYASHRAM Pallavaram with great zeal and pomp by our Little Radhas and Krishnas along with their Gurus
Medical checkup conducted for students of classes 1 to 11 on 13/9/23(Wednesday)
"Embracing the vibrant culture and local treasures at Vels Sandhai"
Interschool Tournament
Aims to enhance students about interaction & promote mutual understanding between people of different states

Vskill Certification

V skill certification an amazing virtual training session for Teachers

Fathers Day

VELS celebrates the HEROES of our lives, our FATHERS! 👨‍👧‍👦 

We at VELS honour the sacrifices of all the fathers. Various fun filled games were conducted. Thanking fathers for bringing endless love and joy into our lives all these years.

VTZ event

Velians enjoying & learning a skill of their choice…VELS TALENT ZONE…refreshes and rejuvenates their mind,body and soul.