Testimonials CICTL

The mentor programme was CICTL was well thought out. The initial interaction between the mentees were interesting and informative. As their mentor I could identify that they showed a sense of commitment to learning.

Creating a personal space wherever I could use my skills gave me the confidence to guide them in my role as mentor.

The learning teaching opportunities that came my way through his program helped me in my personal development as a practitioner of teaching.

Ms. Sathya Sanjay

It was a great opportunity for me to share my experiences which I gained in the CIDTT course and years of teaching experience with the mentee.  It gave me a chance to guide the mentee to use technology while teaching English.  It enabled me to work collaboratively with the mentee which created a great learning opportunity for me.

Ms. Geetha Sreenivasan

I learnt that my teaching has to be precise and focused should  have a positive impact on my learners.  I learnt to design a flexible plan for my session depending on the need of my learners. I learnt to write my lesson plan according to the learner’s age. The Cambridge Diploma course helped me to   write learning objectives for every unit. I was able to receive/digest criticism (both positive and negative ) from all  the stakeholders .I have perfected the art of   conducting formative and summative assessments for my learners. I learn to write my lesson plan according to my learner’s age.

I learnt to plan my class activities that  suits the low achievers as well. CIDTT has taught me to constantly upgrade my knowledge in the teaching and learning process.

Ms. Christina

I was happy to be a resource mentor for CICTL programme. I really enjoyed collaborating the pre observation and post observation discussions, putting ideas into practice. I too involved with my mentees in understanding the key aspects of Teaching Learning practices, helping them to integrate  helping them to integrate new strategies and techniques. My mentees were quick to adopt formative advise and feedback and implemented favorable changes.

On the whole , I had immense satisfaction of guiding and driving them to learn, explain and achieve. By end of session I could instill confidence to develop them as reflective practitioner.

It was rich learning experience for me and mentee candidate.

Vasanthi Vishwanathan