Vels Vidyashram follows an indigenous, thematic and well-structured curriculum for KG and NCERT Curriculum from Grade I to XII with international standards, caters to learning needs , facilitating inter disciplinary learning and brings together diverse disciplines in a comprehensive manner.

KG CURRICULUM – Kinder Kids Kaleidoscope

An indigenous, thematic and well-structured high quality school readiness programme for experiential learning.
A well planned and resourceful curriculum to improve the Scholastic ability of children which emphasizes children’s learning interest and builds positive values and attitudes.
It enhances self confidence, self-care abilities and gives children opportunity to explore and actively engage to get an enriching experience.

Rhymes and Stories

  • Enhances vocabulary, improves listening comprehension and social conversations.
  • Encourages imagination and participation.

Literacy Skills

  • To promote thinking skills, asking questions and seeking answers, finding information and forming opinions
  • Builds vocabulary and reading and writing skills.

Environmental Skills

  • Develops an understanding of the surroundings.
  • To understand the relationship between self, surroundings and nature.


  • Develops basic learning, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • Enhances vocabulary and social conversations.


  • Develops basic learning, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • Enhances vocabulary and social conversations.

Art & Craft

  • Improves motor skills, creativity and aesthetic sense.
  • Learns to express emotions and feelings.


  • Develops phonetic awareness and helps children to learn to read using sounds.
  • A tool to decode new words.

Teachers Resource

  • An indigenous teachers resource that directs teachers towards the set objective along with suggested action plan and teaching aids.

We bring to every classroom a process of teaching that encapsulates the good teaching practices to facilitate effective and measurable learning

Assessment guidelines

Assessment can be both pen and paper and activity based. Pen and paper questions may include MCQ’S, Fill in the blanks, Match the following and Long and Short answer type questions. All the questions are analysed on difficulty and cognitive levels. MCQ’s are specially used to provide detailed distractors and misconception analysis.

Home APP

The Home App helps extend learning beyond classrooms and involves parents in the learning process. Home App helps learner access in-class Videos at home, and practice assessments assigned by the teacher based on concepts taught in class, thereby receiving immediate feedback on it.

Excellence Programme

Today’s learners are growing up in a world which is becoming increasingly complex. In fact, it is even difficult to predict the nature of challenges they will be facing twenty years now. Developing higher order cognitive skills that will enable them to deal with these challenges will be most critical. Given this context, the MyPedia programme is the need of the hour, where the parents can be assured of measurable improvement in thinking skills of the learner

1 First Group English Core (Compulsory) Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
2 Second Group English Core (Compulsory) Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics Practices
3 Third Group English Core (Compulsory) Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics
4 Fourth Group English Core (Compulsory) Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Informatics Practices
Note: Physical Education is a compulsory additional subject for all the above groups.