"Episteme: Knowledge"-Quarterly e-Magazine Edition-2

On 14.11.23 Children's Day celebrated at VELS. May your days be filled with laughter and your dreams take flight.

Dhoom Dhamaka Diwali Celebration

‘Dhoom Dhamaka’ Diwali Celebrated at Vels on 09.11.23. The Puppet show of classes 1 & 2 highlighted the importance of family, Energetic Diwali Song, Mime Show-‘Showcasing the Atrocities of Diwali’, Fashion Show depicting ‘Eco Friendly Diwali’, Energetic Dance and Drama by our teachers and finally Diwali Celebration at Vels was a Whole package

Diwali Celebration

“Teaching celebration with discretion” Diwali awareness safety drill conducted by fire fighters on 07.11.23.

Dandiya Celebration

Vels took an initiative to celebrate Navaratri by dancing to the tunes of dandiya with our parents to refresh their minds and to boost their energy. Celebrate the beats and sway to the rhythm. It’s Dandiya time !!

Vinayagar Chaturthi

Watch and Listen to Velian-Ram Ganesh student of class VII A explaining about his VINAYAGAR LOGAM a paradise of 20,000 VINAYAGAR

VELS Exotic-Inter School Teachers Sports

Vel’s Exotic – an interesting Galata for Gurus. Where Gurus ignited the sporting spirit!

Donation of Books

Books transport us to new places, help us find solutions to our problems and, often, simply provide an avenue to escape our reality but for some books are still a luxury. VELS GROUP OF INSTITUTION launches another milestone project to create access to books to all.

Kindly watch this video of our Young & Dynamic leader ,Ms.Preethaa Ganesh,Vice President,Vels Group of Institutions giving out the vision&mission of this project. Donate books generously to join hands with VELS and provide the much needed access to books.

VENUE: Vels Vidyashram, P V V Road Pallavaram Collection till:8/9/23 Type of Books: Any book in usable condition

A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever

Vel’s chennai-117 Inter school tracks, basketball and soccer tournament 2023.

Investiture Ceremony

“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are an excellent leader”
Wishing these young leaders to uphold the values of the school by keeping the school’s flag high while discharging their duties honestly and impartially.


“Episteme: Uncover the excellence of our school community through captivating write-ups, captivating masterpieces, and uplifting accomplishments in our magazine!”

Student Election

“Every election is determined by the people who show up” Students of Vels Vidyashram came together to exercise their rights and to vote for their leader.

Pongal Celebration

Pongal is the 4 day harvest festival of Tamil Nadu celebrated to thank Sun, mother nature, farm animals that contribute to a bountiful harvest. It marks the beginning of the Tamil month Thai. Vels Vidyashram celebrated pongal festival through dance by kids and teachers,  various activities like pot decoration, pot painting, rangoli done by grades III ,IV,V,VI,VIIand VIII. Children enjoyed the fun-filled activities along with pongal prepration done by teachers.

Three little pigs

Annual Day Celebration

Vels Rajathotsav the silver jubilee celebrations of VELS VIDYASHRAM was held on 9th January at Velan Arangam with Lt.General A.Arun and guest of honour cine star Mr Jeeva gracing the occasion. Senior staff were honoured, students who performed well were also given prizes along with students who performed in other fields such as swimming, archery, karate, skate board etc. Cultural events were fantabulous with English, sanskrit, and Tamil plays put up beautifully by children. Dance performances by all age groups enthralled the audience leaving them spellbound.

Election video

Chess Olympiad

Colour Week Celebration

Nature Conservation Day

National Colouring Book Day

Respect for Parents Day

Birthday Wishes to Chairman (Oct 7th)

Birthday Song for Chairman

Value Week Celebration by Grades 1 to 3

Value Week Celebration by Grades 4 to 8

World Students Day Celebration

International Yoga Day, on 21 Jun 2018