What makes an ideal school environment in terms of infrastructural facilities?

There was a time when the ocean of knowledge was imparted to students under the shade of trees. Education systems have transformed in a big way over the centuries, and the concept of teaching or learning requires a lot of facilities and amenities. At Vels, they have world-class infrastructural facilities enabling seamless knowledge transfer in the happiest and most positive ambiance.

  1. By following the standards set by the education boards and at par with the international learning fraternities, here are the main aspects to check for while selecting the right school for your child.
  2. The school building always catches the first impression and should be constructed with a proper plan in mind. The aesthetic architectural features should reflect the vision of the school. The main building should have a logo, name, and a welcoming appeal.
  3. Then come the classrooms and the other facilities like hobby halls, conference rooms, and restrooms. There should be enough ventilation in all the rooms. The rooms should be spacious, and children should feel free to move around. With a vast playground and children’s play area, the infrastructure should give every student a happy and healthy feel.
  4. The library is regarded as a hub for gathering knowledge from various sources. Even though there are digital libraries these days, the joy of reading a book in silence inside the school library spreads a lot of happy energy all around.
  5. A school should have an auditorium to host many special programs. With the option to organize sports day and annual day anticipating a more significant footfall, it is best to plan a school infrastructure with a facility to accommodate tens and hundreds of people.
  6. A campus with greenery adds to the beauty and gives a pleasant appeal to all. The idea of creating fantastic learning spaces amid serenity helps children concentrate better. The influence of Nature is always good and healthy for everyone.
  7. Kids love to play, and a school should have a play- area only for the children. It can have slides, swings, and other facilities for the young little ones to be merry. Everyday playtime is a must; learning through fun activities in their special play corner outside the classrooms creates much joy and engagement.
  8. Schools should have rooms for co-curricular activities like art, dance, music, and theatre. The indoor games like chess, carom, haiku, and yoga can have separate rooms too.
  9. The corridors and the courtyards should be broad, and the walls can have creative paintings for that perfect appeal. Anytime parents or outsiders come to visit the school, the décor matters a lot, and when it showcases the happy learning or teaching aspects, it is even better.

The infrastructure is an essential aspect of any school, and this should include all the basic aspects that qualify for healthy workspaces.

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