Primary and Senior Secondary School in Chennai

We are the best CBSE school in Chennai that provides an excellent learning structure to the students to prepare them well for the future. The school follows the CBSE curriculum and aims at creating a fun learning environment so that your child finds learning a joyous experience.
A wide array of extracurricular activities is offered here to instill a passion for learning among students.We encourage our teachers to go with advanced teaching methods, and thus, making the entire learning experience even more interesting and fruitful for students.

KG Curriculum – Kinder Kids Kaleidoscope

  • Rhymes & Stories

Enhances vocabulary, improves listening comprehension and social conversations. Encourage imagination and

  • Literacy skills

Promotes thinking skills, asking questions and seeking answers, finding information and forming opinions.

Builds vocabulary and reading and writing skills.

  • Environmental skills

Develops an understanding of the surroundings.

To understand the relationship between self, surroundings and nature.

  • Hindi

Develops basic learning, speaking, reading and writing skills. Enhances vocabulary and social conversations.

  • Tamil

Develops basic learning, speaking, reading and writing skills. Enhances vocabulary and social conversations.

  • Art & Craft

Improve motor skills, creativity and aesthetic sense. Learns to express emotions and feelings.

  • Phonics

Develops phonetic awareness and helps children to learn to read using sounds. A tool to decode new works.

  • Teacher’s resource

An Indigenous teacher’s resource that directs teachers towards the set objective along with
suggested action plan and teaching aids

As students move to the primary level from the pre-primary level, we introduce them to the core subjects English, Science, and Mathematics. A wide range of classroom activities is used to stimulate reading and writing in students.

From Grade 1, we introduce the study of computers to our children as we all know that computer literacy is essential in today’s modern world to succeed.  Students are also introduced to the Mathematics lab from grade 1, which helps them learn the concepts via doing. Physical training classes are also given to develop fitness and liveliness.

Grade 1 to Grade 5

  • X SEED Methodology (as per NCERT syllabus)
  • X- SEED is a complete school solution focused on better teaching and improved learning perfomance. It aims at building clear concepts, improving the fluency in English and superior outcomes. X SEED bring best practices into every classroom so that, “All children Learn Better”.
  • Grade 1 : Vels Phonics
  • Grades 1 to 5 : Physical education, yoga, karate,Indian music, dance, western music, value education, library.
  • Grades 4 & 5: Computer Science

We are the best school in Chennai affiliated to CBSE which has an education policy that is dynamic in approach and in accordance with the changing educational needs. Students who enter middle school gain wider exposure to different subjects.
Students are encouraged to take part in co-curricular activities like quizzes, competitive exams, etc. for their holistic development. A well-planned, graded, and innovative curriculum is followed based on CBSE guidelines.

Std VI – X : CBSE NCERT Syllabus

The CBSE’s front line curriculum concept that upgrades the syllabi with more relevant materials is followed. The assessment and evaluation followed are as per the guidelines given by CBSE.


Truly progressive and learner-friendly, we follow a comprehensive academic curriculum that encourages a child to be logical, creative, analytical, and communicative. We are the best senior secondary school in Chennai that gives personalized training to the students appearing for board examinations with extra coaching being provided at the appropriate time.

The study program is distributed smartly and evenly over the year and divided into modules for easy grasping of the key concepts by the learners. Periodic tests are also held in all subjects according to their schedule. We provide the best education to the students with an objective to empower them to appear for board exams and train them accordingly for the competitive exams.