Top 5 roles teachers can play in environmental education

Environmental education is a way of implementing the goals of environmental protection. It is not a separate branch of science but a lifelong interdisciplinary field of study. This is what is said by UNESCO. The role of teachers in spreading environmental awareness comprised sensitizing students about the importance of safeguarding the environment in every way.

The purpose of creating awareness of our environment is to understand its fragility and, at the same time, work together as a unified society and responsible citizens to campaign for its protection. When the role is designated to teachers, it becomes all the more powerful and credible because they are the true mentors to guide the students to take the best measures for a great society. All the steps, in the true sense, are meant to create a beautiful world and healthy environment for the mind and body.

There are many methods by which the knowledge about how best to safeguard the environment could be incorporated seamlessly.

  • Teachers can use blended learning as a tool to integrate the subject knowledge. In this, the students are given assignments around topics that would expect them to identify an alarming concern or a threat to nature and the fundamental steps adopted to arrive at a best practice or solution to save the environment for its goodness.
  • Then comes spreading the attentiveness in the school and the house around the necessity to befriend nature. It is seen that teachers conduct small competitions on World Environment Day and also on national holidays to spread the thought of environmental education.
  • The campaign around ‘Save soil or plant a sapling’ is a Government initiative to create a greener environment. Teachers and educators join hands in CSR activities and involve students as the torchbearers to execute this phenomenal practice. With that one thought of ‘each one plant one, the seed of creating a clean and green living planet has become so viral across the globe. Teachers can be proactive in explaining the benefit of a green planet.
  • Integrated learning methodology in schools and colleges helps students learn about many topics around one subject. Along with the awareness programs, teachers help students and the youth to become ambassadors to advocate for complex environmental issues and confidently share their knowledge to bring a change for the good of all.
  • Teachers walk along with students in pursuit of creating a wave of common awareness about all the issues depleting the sustainability of our environment. The types of pollution do not confine to chemical factories, and it also includes the unhealthy ways of waste management or the threat of concrete jungle. Social media posts and newsletters are some of the ways to connect with society and spread the word.

Teachers have a major role in making the environment a subject of thought and equal attention. They are the guiding light of courage and compassion to help the environment thrive.

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