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Values make us who we are.They are the compass guiding everything we do – our choices and our actions.To inculcate these values students of grades 1 to 3 celebrated Value Week. 

Day 1. Value of prayer

Day 2. Value of  studies

Day 3. Value of rest

Day 4. Value of family

Day 5. Value of  happiness

Day 6. Value of time

Day 5. Value of  Friends

Grade 4 to 8 celebrated value week

Six Self Treatments to lead a healthy life by our VELS budding doctors…Story Writing, Poetry and Collage Making

Global Hand Washing Day by KG

Global hand washing day has been celebrated in a very innovative way especially during this pandemic situation..

Pyjama Day by KG

Lullabies are rare to be heard now but we Velians have redusted the ethinics and brought the children to the sleepy mode with our bedtime stories..

Button Week Celebration by KG

The motto of celebrating button week is to bring discipline among the children & to make their day to day life routines in an useful and better way.

Healthy Week by KG

Healthy week is celebrated to implement the importance of healthy food habits among the children.

Pongal Celebration

Our enthusiastic velians totally into the festive mood,dressed up in traditional attire & sending you season’s greetings