5 Ways to save soil and protect the environment

The importance of soil is garnering more attention these days. The patch of land is getting smaller because of the development plan by humans. Acres of agricultural land are getting eaten away, and forests are depleted because of the concrete jungle humans build. Where does the soil get space to nourish and nurture in the natural habitat of Mother Nature? It is an alarming state across the globe where many calamities that happen stated as the act of Nature is connected to the soil. 

Check out the ways that can be done by students as well as adults in their respective places of study, stay and work. 

  1. Soil can be preserved by taking steps right at home. You can grow your garden on the balcony or the terrace where there would be more space. By growing your garden, it is possible to preserve the soil’s nutrients, which will help flowers blossom and make way for delicious organic vegetables.
  2. Be part of the save soil community. Whether at your residential society, school, or workplace, as part of the CSR activities, the awareness about saving the soil and protecting the environment is a great initiative these days. You can do your part by spreading the powerful message of ‘Save Soil’ through activities that make people responsible for ensuring that the right steps are taken to prevent soil erosion. Proper farming methods can be shared with agriculturists to facilitate good and healthy soil maintenance.
  3. Soil is regarded as a powerful force of Mother Nature. We, humans, are deeply connected to the soil. We are always part of it, so we worship the soil by caring for it and planting the right plants in the right place. In the case of slopes, the tendency of the soil to wash away is higher, so the trees should have widespread roots. It is essential to have windbreaks in the plains where the gush of wind is high.
  4. When you think of buying compost, it might be a risky decision because of the chemical composition. If you wish to enrich the soul of your farmland or extended garden, it is always best to have good organic compost to nourish the soil. The basic thing you need to keep in mind is treating soil as your child, friend, and, more importantly, as part of your life. Treat it with love and respect. 
  5. The best way to save soil is to keep understanding the importance of trees and plants for the soil that will help create a supportable environment and each of us grow together. With the new world of awareness, it is time to understand that each one of us can contribute in our ways to save soil and protect our environment. 

Together we can save Mother Earth by helping the soil retain its originality.

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