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Events 2021-2022

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2021 - 2022

Annual Symposium held on 1.6.2022- “SYNERGY

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

World Scholar’s Cup

Grade V to VIII students of Vels Vidyashram participated in the world renowned (WSC) World Scholar’s Cup held at the APL Global School on 2nd & 3rd of April and came out with flying colors winning 7gold and 18 silver medals in various rounds and proving their mettle.

Kudos and best wishes to the winners to strive and work hard to reach the pinnacle of glory.

Vels Affirmation Day Celebration

Your mindset is the most powerful tool that you have, and the best thing you can do with it is to remind yourself of all the good in your life each morning using positive affirmations….

Vels Vidyashram celebrated VELS AFFIRMATION DAY on 22nd April with great enthusiasm and zeal…

National Science Day Celebration

Our champions exhibited various Science projects, models, charts based on Programme of Inquiry and Science Fun Activities. Students exhibited their learning of concepts through experiments .Younger students who visited the stalls were thrilled to understand complex systems through simple models and charts.

Here is a glimpse of this day @ Vels

Womens Day

Young, energetic, charismatic Preetha ma’am having an interaction with the Velians of Pallavaram campus on women’s day..

Grand parents Day

Kids showing their love and affection towards their grandparents…

Pongal Celebrations

Pink Day Celebration

Pink Day was celebrated by the tiny tots to acquaint the little buds with the concept of pink colour.  The students made a beautiful take away activity with their teachers of little pinky pig and flamingo. The little wonders participated enthusiastically in all the activities which made them more confident about the identification of pink colour. The activities helped in exercising their fine motor skills, recognizing colour cues through touch and feel. The children played games on this theme, making that day more interesting and memorable.

Global Hand Wash Day

Cleanliness is a mindset – a positive habit that keeps the body, mind and environment happy ,healthy, simple, neat and delightful…

Bunchy Fruits Day

With an objective to create and educate children about the importance and consumption of fruits in regular diet, the tiny tots celebrated ‘Bunchy Fruits Day Activity’ to promote the idea of “Eat healthy live healthy.”

Fibrous Veggies day

With an objective to create and educate children about the importance and consumption of vegetables in regular diet, the youngsters of kindergarten celebrated Fibrous Veggies Day.

The tiny tots also learned about the taste, smell, color, and texture of each vegetable. Children understood the importance of washing the vegetables before cooking and it’s benefits.


The Soil is the gift of God to the living. If we pollute the air, water and soil that keep us alive and well, and destroy the biodiversity that allows natural systems to function,  no amount of money will save us.

Water Day

Science Project Day

by Versatile Velians Exploring science for grade 4- 8

Roots and Stems

The Army Day Celebration

The army Day is celebrated on 15th January every year in India.  It is being celebrated to salute our  brave soldier and  our motherland India .This celebration will enhance the patriotic feelings amongst the young ones.

 Jai Hind !

Republic Day Events

“ORANGE DAY” celebration Activity done by UKG little buds

The campus is now bright and colourful…our Primary kids are walking in with gleaming smile…teachers receiving them with bountiful joy..All teachers  now feel energised by the presence of students…SOP followed in toto… Your wishes and blessings will double up our motivation.”

Children can eat sprouts as their snacks to emphasizing the importance of eating sprouts

We celebrate this day to explain to the children about the importance of fruits and the health benefits of them

UKG little flowers dress up like lord Krishna and Radha

Happy Krishna jayanthi to all, Activity done by UKG little buds

Independence day celebration (Activity )done by UKG buds

Green is the colour of nature,we celebrate green Day to create awareness about Earth and cherish greenery. Students dress up in green colour dress with green accessories Creative work was done by the tiny tots using leaves.

Art and craft help a Sense of achievement and Pride in children to boost their self confidence. To Enhance the children to develop their “Fine Motor Skills”

Reading Day


Kayalvizhi saravanaselvam is a 15 years old student of class 10 b , she is the author of book arts of Hindustan.she won numerous of awards and trophies in various international and national events and also awarded as best achiever of the year .She is a records holder of many highly competitive records such as “youngest to write a book on art & culture”, “Maximum Medical Science Branches Recited in 30 seconds”, “Fastest to Write Periodic Table in reverse order ” etc. which are recorded in Asia and India book of records.and she has certificated as grandmaster for writing a book on young age.  She have published more then 125 +articles in different platforms and also on her website in three languages. She owns a website were she post many information about india arts and culture.and she puts a post on her Instagram page a information or key point about a that article she published on that specific day.