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Events 2020 – 2021

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2020 - 2021


Yoga – Yoga is one of our co-curricular activity that is given to our children to focus on the personal, psychological development.

Project day – Various project day was conducted to develop the in-depth knowledge about the subject and to develop the ability to communicate effectively with other adults.

Road safety programme – The BMW Safety Programme was implemented in school to create awareness about road safety among children.

Reading week – Guest persons were invited to explain the students about the importance of reading and its effectiveness.

Poshan Day – Healthy and junk food, role play was done to promote healthy eating habits.

Story telling competition was conducted to develop the ability of communication among the peer group.

Silambam – Silambam coaching is given to girl children to build emotional resilience in children and empower themselves.

Environment Day – Activities to enable students to take responsibility towards community and environment

Go Green – As part of “Go Green” activity children planted the plants to develop responsibility towards environment.