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Making Learning Relevant

Mrs.Pavithra the ICT teacher of our school taught about the concepts of NetBeans( a software development platform written in Java) and MySQL (Open Source Relational SQL database management system).

She is a teacher who walks 'that extra mile' for the students and always motivates them to apply practically the concepts learnt in class. This inspired the students and they planned for "e-polling" of the School Elections using both Netbeans and MySQL (Connecting both IDE and database).

The teacher helped the students create the connectivity into a pucca finished product by helping and goading them constantly.

School Elections 2015-2016 was successfully done through 'e-Polling' in our group of schools. The result was published in our school website like our state elections on that day evening.

Kudos ! to this teacher and her successful team.

This is a standing example of "Making learning relevant".

Inspire Learning

To develop a vibrant , productive, enthusiastic and motivated learners, We take an individual teaching style catering tangible ideas on how to engage the students. Here I would like to share my personal experience. I have a student by the name Divya who was timid, reserved and not outspoken. She is very good in submission of her assignments and helping others. Her parents had a big worry that she was very shy and hated to come to the front of the class to talk. At the same time , she was an excellent student and wanted to overcome her fear of public speaking.

I identified her adept skill, of helping others and pointed to the class as an 'expert'. This raised her esteem . I worked out a plan to allow her , for the first few times, to present from her seat instead of coming to the front of the class. This helped and she made a great progress talking in assembly. Today the parent is very proud of her excellent Oratory skills.

I always insist my class to be more of interactive and do everything possible to transform my students from passive observers to active players. I strongly believe learning happens when students are actively involved. I make a serious obvious effort to learn all my students name and use their names in class rather than "he" or "she". It makes a big difference forging bonds between us creating identities.

My goal is to treat every student as an individual, taking an effort to acknowledge their individuality, hopes and dreams. MS. Vijayasree

Problem Solving Ability

Problem solving ability is a skill which helps the assessor to know the students' ability to process, interpret and use information rather than assessing their prior knowledge. For instance, in std VII Subasri received a smart phone as her birthday gift and spent all her time on it, ignoring her studies and other activities. The problem became serious and had an impact in school and with the parents.

When Mrs.Karthigai, the games teacher came to know about the problem, she requested Anushri, her close friend to deal this matter discreetly. Anushri, her friend gave a deep thought, analysed the problem and started the mission. First, Anushri spoke to Subasri's parents and made them understand that the problem had risen only after her birthday. Anushri requested Subasri's parents to take back the mobile phone and to spend quality time with Subasri at home. After a week, there was a drastic change in Subasri's behavior and started concentrating on academics and regular activities. Everybody witnessed her paying attention in academics and other activities with zeal and enthusiasm.

This incident, proves that Mrs.Karthigai adopted the right strategy for the welfare of the student.

Two things happened at the end. Subasri changed her behavior and realized her mistakes. Anushri got a chance to show her problem solving skill. Instead of talking to Subasri directly, and worsen the situation Mrs.Karthigai, identified a solution through her classmate.

Team Work

Students learn from one another, create powerful bonding between them and make learning meaningful and joyful.

"Collaboration involves more than occasional co-operative learning activities. It means that students feel connected to their peers and that they experience the classroom as a safe, supportive community- not a place & isolation and certainly not a place where they must compete against one another."-Alfie kohn

This incident happened in class IV. Sanjiv kumar was a shy child and not involved himself in classroom activities and had no friends. The science teacher Mrs.Rajapriya, noticed his activities and observed him very closely. In all her classroom sessions she, whenever and wherever possible allotted more responsibilities to Sanjiv Kumar in the group activities. Within 3 months, there was a tremendous change in Sanjiv Kumar's activities and he started taking up the work voluntarily. Now, Sanjiv Kumar has got good friends and he tries to bring the below average performers to excel well.

Inspiring Teaching

Mr.Ajay came to greet Mrs.Surya on Sep 5th, the Teacher's Day since Mrs.surya inspired him the most.

Mrs.Surya could hardly remember him.

She recalled the day- which was the turning point of his life.The PTM day at Vels.

At PTM day, When it was the turn of Ajay, his mother came hesitantly as Ajay had scored very less marks in all subjects. Mrs.Surya didn't talk much about academics, appreciated Ajay for the trophy he won in the chess championship, and highlighting his skills in calculations and asked him to perform in academics the same way. Amidst tears in her eyes, Ajay's mother said that she was the one who had spoken so positively.Presently Ajay is heading mathematics department in an institution.

We ensure that our children are given a feel-"Safe, respected and cared for". The atmosphere provided here is inclusive and trusting so the students feel their views are heard & valued in Vels.

We are not just trainers but Inspiring teachers.


Learning Experience

When I got up in the morning, I saw the shining sun, then went to bathroom for getting fresh then saw the cylindrical paste tube, the wash basin in square and then came to kitchen saw circle, square ,rectangle....

Reached my class room saw the rectangular board, cylindrical chalk piece and when I shared with my tiny tots they identified that I am going to teach them "SHAPES".I started to take out the flash cards and was showing them each shape like CIRCLE ,SQUARE,OVAL,TRIANGLL and RECTANGLE,CYLINDRICAL . I was telling them about the places were we can see all these things in our day today life like square for boy by showing chalk box, for rectangle I showed them the board, triangle I cut a paper and showed them .I introduced them a cylindrical shape by showing the chalk were the students got exited and some were shouting vessel ,tin all are cylindrical shape..A tiny tot came and asked me what is volume "I have heard my mother saying the volume in the bottle is less" then I told them that it's the space consumed by the bottle as an example showed their water bottle with different levels

Then a kid asked me" what is area because he heard this from his papa while they bought the new home he showed the kids room and told the area is small and my kids room is square in shape! so is their any connection with square?? Then I took the kids around the class room and told the bench is kept here and this area is filled this is called area ok..then one asked what is length and breadth heard from carpenter while building the window tat is rectangular shape again... then I showed them the length and breadth..

When was about to finish the class by telling about the circle shape I told them about sun,moon,clock,plates...and was asking the tots for more real time example they were shouting bangles, rings etc..At that moment a tiny tot came and held my hand and told this is "HEXAGONAL", it was nothing but the dial of my watch all were excited to hear that word some of them were not able to tell the word, the same kid was telling it has 6 lines, 6 corners and I encouraged the child more with the real time examples of honey bee, on the football I showed them ,then bought a glass and showed them the hexagonal shape and one told the dice is hexagonal all the students wanted to draw that shape I made them to draw on the color paper and finally we cut all the hexagonal and the rest of the shape on the colorful paper ..

I had a great learning experience from the kids on this day when I saw the observation of the kid and identifying the shape of the watch on my wrist .All the excitement that they had on the face whiling doing the activity with those colorful papers ..and also happy to see how keenly the kids are observing us ,the surroundings and the parents their conversations .The whole day the kids were excited with the shapes that they learnt .As soon they saw bus they told its rectangle. the day was compared with shapes for both tiny tots and for me.

Learning is the biggest experience may be from person younger to you or elder or of the same age .it was an unforgettable day of my life as a teacher.

My Learning Experience

It was a rainy day. In the morning, when I strolled in my garden, I found an earthworm, a small, timid creature in the soil. I quickly managed to collect it in a small box and added some wet soil for its comfort.

Taking it to Grade 3 in the science period, was a wonderful experience making the day memorable for both children and me.
When I just opened the box, the children screamed. Some said "an insect", some said "a worm". Then I said it is an "Earthworm", collected from my garden in the soil. Followed by that, many questions came from them on their structure, whereabouts and use. One said it is smooth, one said it is sticky. I told them it is a very timid, thin tube like creature which is slimy to allow easy movement in soil. Otherwise it's body could be injured when they move due to friction.

Further I said, they are tube like creatures made up of many parts called segments. It eats small insects, leaves and dead plants & animals.

Do you know they are farmer's friend? It's because they help in mixing up the soil by making burrows in it. Suddenly one kid, still in shock, raised to ask what are burrows and how does it help? I explained that burrows are nothing but the holes made in soil by the earthworms. They help to allow air and water into the soil and reach the roots of plants.

Earthworms also excrete in these burrows called castings. They are rich in nutrients for plants to grow well. Children felt happy and started to admire this lovely creature, when one still confused and asked "Will it bite?". I said "No dear, they will not". She also got convinced asked "can I handle it?". "Oh with pleasure", I said and transferred that creature to that lovely hand.

All the rest surrounded her and with a small quarrel, the earthworms got cut into two portions. The class was silent for a moment. I too felt sympathized for that little creature. Then I suddenly cheered them up by saying that the cut earthworm can redevelop their body parts, but not both the portions.

A child asked "why Mam? My father once said an earthworm when cut can become two". Then I said, the portion with the reproductive system can only redevelop fully. The other portion will die off itself.

Children said, Oh! That's great, when one kid in compassion said, It would be nice if we also re-grow after an accident or injury. I said, Yes, but God was kind enough only to earthworms in that. The question was lingering in my mind for the whole day, and I thought the same way as the kid, as to how beautiful it would be, if we could get back any of our injured parts. There would be very little handicaps in the world.

Children think out of the box, when we don't restrict them as they don't know the rules of the nature.

For them everything is possible until they are stopped by the failures of the world. This is "My learning" for the day.

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